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Author, Entrepreneur and Women’s Rights Advocate


“I write about history to free us from the past, I write about the present to strive for alternative destinies and I write about the future because the world we live in is not the only one possible.”


Paola Diana is the Best-Selling Author of “Saving The World. Women the XXI’s Century Factor For Change”

A vivid call for change, Paola’s polemic is aimed at inflicting impactful modifications in governments, industries and cultural institutions. Speaking on the importance of writing books that aim to dissect such strong subjects, Paola said: “We can’t close our eyes anymore on the enormous social emergency that is the conditions for women and girls worldwide. The time has come to take a leap and help those left behind. “Our governments can’t act as if nothing is happening when women’s rights are constantly disrespected.”

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Saving The World. Women the XXI's Century Factor For Change

Book Reviews

‘A rousing, feisty and fearless call to action for every one of us. Paola Diana entertains, cajoles and dares us to be the change that will enhance life for people the world over. A timely book and a compelling and provocative read’

Shamim Sarif, novelist and filmmaker

‘A powerful read… a must for all men! Strip us down and we’re all equals; it’s how we build ourselves up that counts! Ladies, your time is well overdue… break that mould, now over to you! ’

Ant Middleton, adventurer, author, chief instructor on the Channel 4 series SAS: Who Dares Wins

I have never thought of myself as a feminist, however I have now met Paola and read her wonderful book and realized that “Of course I bloody am!!” I love Paola’s fabulous book. It reminds us with powerful evidence that the fight is neither far from over- nor is it far away in another land. In fact its probably happening in the house next door to you right now’

Fru Hazlitt, former ITV Director and Channel 4 Board Member

‘Having spent the last decade debating the business case for diversity, I thought I had a wide perspective of the issues but how wrong I was: Paola Diana, with her incredible book Saving the World, has made me think again and review the bigger picture as to the impact true equality of opportunity can have on society’

Melanie Seymour, vice president of Women in Banking and Finance and head of BlackRock Budapest

Book Reviews

‘Paola’s innate belief in the strength and absolute worth of women is contagious and uplifting and inspires you to embrace a new level of self-confidence without judgement. If you are looking for a non-intimidating and accessible snapshot of many of the challenges and opportunities for change, you should definitely read this book’

Dr Sarah Caddick, neuroscience advisor to Lord David Sainsbury

‘For insights about the still unacknowledged power of women, Saving the World is the book to read. Paola Diana deftly details how equality can be reached, outlining the process in practical and economic terms. Cycles, from fashion to economics, may move swiftly but, as Paola Diana points out, gender roles and the accompanying limitations shift at an agonisingly slow place. Her insights will accelerate the process

Shelley von Strunckel, spiritual teacher and astrologer

All men should read this book, especially those who do not understand why discrimination against women is detrimental to society. Saving the World is a clearly stated case for removing all the barriers that prevent a woman’s participation in every aspect of society. Women’s full participation is good for business and good for society… Paola Diana shows us the way’

David Stringer-Lamarre, entrepreneur and chairman of the Institute of Directors, City of London


“I think my personal experiences have led to me making the fight for women’s rights my mission. Female empowerment is much more than a secondary issue or the issue of a minority. It is a disruptive power that will change the social system in which we all live. It is a creative force that will shape our society to follow a completely different path, where inclusion, empathy, respect, happiness and peace will flourish.”

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“For millennia the patriarchal system has been based on unfounded myths. When it collapses under the weight of education and scientific knowledge, a new era will dawn: the era of women; the era of empathy, compassion, knowledge and peace, an era in which the brain and soul will count more than brute strength.”

A native of Italy, Paola achieved a BA in Political Science and an MA in Institutional Relations from the University of Bologna before probing into the world of Italian politics. Since the day that she embarked on a career directing the Think Tank in support of former Italian Prime Minister Romano Prodi’s political campaign, Paola has never been one to adhere to gender stereotypes – challenging the ideologies of male supremacists at every opportunity.

As the Founder and Chairman of the Diana Group, leader in the recruitment and lifestyle sector, which has been recognised in The Spear’s 500 2017 as one of London’s most influential service providers for high net worth individuals, Paola has also proven herself to be an extremely multifaceted success story.

Paola has established herself as one of the leading lights in the literary world as a result of her bestselling book; ‘Saving the world. Women: the XXI’s Century Factor for Change’. Perfectly combining the theories of sociology, science and history, Paola has developed a niche for herself that has seen her lauded as a female activist renowned for digging beneath the surface to uncover what truly constitutes a patriarchal society.

Paola is a passionate supporter of philanthropic causes, especially those connected with women and children. She strongly believes that is fundamental to help to transform the lives of women, their children and their communities in order to create a better world for everyone. Paola is a member of the Committee of the Caudwell Children “Float Like a Butterfly Ball” and she supports Womankind, MicroLoan Foundation and Lady Garden Campaign.


“My heart bleeds for the millions of women who suffer injustices every day, all over the world. Everyone’s heart should bleed the same way, just as we live and breathe in the same way. Indifference is the antechamber of evil.”

Paola is determined to defy any gender boundaries. When it came to her education her academic studies in Political Science, with a strong focus on history, international relations, sociology and history of religions has allowed her to synthesise new solutions to tackling the issues of female oppression.
Paola is a keen believer that the rights of females should be considered before the fundamentalist ideologies within religious scriptures, traditions and beliefs:

“A feminist and humanitarian diplomacy should be based on the principle that women’s rights are inalienable universal rights and, as such, cannot be denied because of religion, culture or tradition.”

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