Entrepreneur, Author, and Women’s Policy Centre Chair of the Board


Entrepreneur, Author, and Women’s Policy Centre Chair of the Board

About Paola

Paola is a British-Italian entrepreneur, author, public speaker and political commentator. She is the Executive Chair of the Women’s Policy Centre, a Think Tank that researches to remove the barriers to women’s fulfilment at work, in communities and through family life. In 2018, she wrote “Saving the World. Women: the 21st Century Factor for Change”, published by Quartet Books, a part-manifesto for change, a part-historical and sociological essay that charts women’s condition through the centuries. She is the Founder & CEO of Artemide Recruitment, a leading global firm focused on talent acquisition. Paola was the advisor for women’s rights of the Sheriff of The City of London for 2022/2023 and serves as a Governor of Downe House.

Paola is a women’s and children’s rights advocate, an inspiring public speaker, and a trailblazer whose vision and life’s work empower women and girls worldwide. Before founding her company, she probed into Italian politics as the director of operations of a Think Tank that supported a former Italian Prime Minister. She achieved a BA in Political Science and an MA in Institutional Relations from the University of Bologna, Italy. Paola also hosts the highly inspiring YouTube show and Spotify Podcast: “Unleashed—the Game Changers”.

“A rousing, feisty and fearless call to action for every one of us. Paola Diana enterains, cajoles anda dares us to be the change that will enhance life for people the world over.
A timely book and compelling and provocative read”
Shamim Sarif, novelist and filmmaker

Paola is a blogger for the Huffington Post, both Huffington Post UK and Italy. Find in the link below her new blog posts:


Paola Diana is the Best-Selling Author of “Saving The World. Women the XXI’s Century Factor For Change

Paola’s polemic is a vivid call for change aimed at inflicting impactful modifications in governments, industries, and cultural institutions. Speaking on the importance of writing books that dissect such vital subjects, Paola said: “We can’t close our eyes anymore on the enormous social emergency that is the conditions for women and girls worldwide. The time has come to take a leap and help those left behind. “Our governments can’t act like nothing is happening when women’s rights are constantly disrespected.”

You can order the book on or find it in all the bookshops in the UK.

“I left in awe of her willingness to say the unsayable, no matter what trouble it will cause”.
Helen Rumbelow, The Times

Speaker & Commentor

Paola is a sought-after, powerful speaker and is particularly interested in inspiring entrepreneurs and young people to become the better version of themselves. She is a storyteller who talks about the power of resilience, how to build your discipline and how to become a successful entrepreneur. Paola grew up in Italy and became a self-made, successful sole founder, relying only on her determination, strength and radical confidence while caring for her two children and championing women’s rights. She is not afraid of embracing new challenges, and she made her ability to adapt to change her signature in life. Paola focuses on women’s empowerment, female leadership and how to become unstoppable. She is not your normal entrepreneur. Paola is outspoken and unrelenting in her pursuit of sexual equality globally. Championing women no matter the personal cost, she has built a reputation for calling out hypocrisy and being unafraid to say the unsayable. She spoke at Oxford’s Bodleian Libraries, Cambridge’s Sussex College, and the Mansion House, among others.

Her speaking topics are:

  • Leadership, resilience and being a game-changer
  • Mindset, perseverance and peak performance
  • Women in business and women’s empowerment

Entrepreneurship and success. She regularly appears on British and Italian TV as a political commentator, with a focus on Italian politics, women’s rights and business.

Paola is featured in:

Youtube Show & Podcast


Paola Diana’s video and audio podcast has several candid conversations with successful women and men who are thriving and bucking traditions, with Paola and her guests covering everything from science to religion, from love to politics, from healing to building new businesses.
Paola speaks to scientists, entrepreneurs, doctors, authors, activists, athletes, and philanthropists, all inspiring and worthy of visibility, with fascinating stories to tell, in her signature, no filter, no hypocrisy style.
Paola takes us back to deep content, empowering, and inspiring in a shallow world where the exterior tends to count more than anything.

Featured in Hello Magazine as one of the 12 wittiest and most inspiring feminist podcasts you need to listen to right now!


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