Joanna is a self-defence instructor and a martial arts coach. She is a black belt World Champion in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and she has been training, coaching and competing in a variety of combat sports throughout her life, including kick-boxing, submission wrestling and judo. Joanna Ziobronowicz is one of the Professors at the prestigious Roger Gracie Academy HQ and Roger Gracie Richmond, in London. She organises special self-defence seminars for women as she is aware of the importance of self defence for everyone, particularly for women, who should learn how to empower themselves not only mentally but also physically, learning techniques that could help save their lives.

Joanna is a passionate young woman, committed to empower herself and all her students, leading by example. Listen to her story and be inspired by her determination and strength. Share with your friends, leave a comment and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!