In this special episode we have a guest host! Award winning Author and Director Shamin Sarif is interviewing our host Paola Diana, asking her about her inspiring story. “I left in awe of her willingness to say the unsayable, no matter what trouble it will cause” this is what Helen Rumbelow, of The Times said about Paola, after interviewing her in 2018. Paola Diana’s own life story is one of inspirational change and challenge. As a child and a teenager, she suffered physical and psychological abuse at the hands of her father, which lead to bulimia and depression. Moving out to attend university she carved a path for herself. Despite facing sexual discrimination in Italy, she forged a career working in politics, behind the scenes, and then becoming a successful international self-made entrepreneur.

A bestselling author and activist, Paola Diana is a mouthpiece for female equality, having experienced both domestic abuse and sex discrimination throughout her life. Now a London based entrepreneur and campaigner for equal rights Paola has dedicated her life to championing equal opportunities and equal rights, in business and politics. Her book, Saving the World, part manifesto for change, part historical and sociological essay, charts women’s condition through the centuries, analysing their treatment within political, religious, economic and societal contexts to form a bigger picture of their place in the world; because to understand the present, and make a meaningful difference, we must get to grips with the past. This is a journey that concludes with a clear vision for a better society in which all women are set free from fear, violence and oppression. Paola Diana impresses on us that this world we inhabit, dominated by men and often seemingly immutable, is far from the only one possible.

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