Helen Joyce is one of the bravest journalists that I know. She decided to write a book on a controversial subject, knowing that she would have gone under the spotlight of trolls, misogynists and free speech deniers, but she did it anyway, because she feels it is more important to educate people about what is gender ideology and why it is so dangerous for women and children.

Helen has a PhD in mathematics from University College London, a B.A. from Trinity College Dublin, and in between she did Part III Mathematics in Cambridge. Her knowledge on the subject of gender ideology is almost unparalleled, so I suggest everyone to read her book: ‘Trans. When ideology meets reality’. Helen is highly intelligent, compassionate and courageous and she fights for a better society where free speech, women’s rights and children’s rights are respected and taken more seriously.

This is the first episode of our Second Season. Stay tuned for many more interesting guests!