Marine Tanguy is a force of nature, TEDx Speaker, entrepreneur, mother and game changer. She is the Founder and CEO of MtArt Agency, and she was named Forbes 30 under 30 in the Europe list for Art and Culture in 2018. With her successful agency she is rethinking how art can be more central, and not just something that you come to, when you are very wealthy and at a much later age. Marine strongly believes in the power of art to transform cities, as she wants places and locations to be designed around public art. She is disrupting the art industry and making it more democratic and accessible.

Listen to her powerful voice to discover her vision and her passion. In this episode Marine is sharing with us her journey, and she is giving us precious advices, particularly to girls and women who want to start their own business. Watch this inspiring interview, share twitch your friends, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!