Julie Bindel is an incredibly talented and brave investigative journalist, author, radical feminist campaigner and co-founder of Justice for Women. Julie campaigns particularly to end sexual and domestic violence, prostitution and pornography. Her latest book ‘Feminism For Women: The Real Route to Liberation” is a powerful call to arms to reclaim feminism for all women, because only together we can resist and overcome misogyny. Listen to Julie’s interview to understand more why feminism is so important, now more than ever, and why pornography and prostitution are strictly connected to the patriarchy.

In this conversations we talk about male violence and we point out why calling it ‘domestic violence’ means not focusing on the hard truth that our society has a problem that must be faced: violent men. Julie reminds us that ‘we are the only oppressed group on the planet required to love our oppressor’ and that many times is the man inside the house the one who is dangerous and might abuse and even kill us. Listen to her strong voice and learn from her incredible story.