Baroness Emma Nicholson of Winterbourne is a member of the House of Lords and the Executive Chairman of the AMAR International Charitable Foundation which works to rebuild and improve the lives of disadvantaged communities in war-torn areas. Baroness Nicholson began her political life as a Member of the Parliament in Britain in 1987, serving a constituency in the South West of England for 10 years. She has recently been appointed as the Chairman of the House of Lords Sexual Violence in Conflict Committee and she chairs the All Party Parliamentary Group on Foreign Affairs. Baroness Nicholson is a strenuous defender of women’s and children’s rights.

In this interview Baroness Nicholson addresses the dangers of gender ideology, that clearly clashes with women’s and children’s rights, and she explains why it is important that sex remains a protected category. Listen to her powerful voice and share with your friends! And don’t forget to <a href=””>SUBSCRIBE</a>!

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