Karen rummy is a true force of nature. A woman who doesn’t stop in front of anything, a woman who strongly believes in herself and helps others to heal and become the best version of themselves. She fight ageism with a smile on her face, reminding all of us that age is just a number. Karen is a spiritual teacher & author, a flamenco & jazz performer, a philanthropist and the founder of the lifestyle brand Kalmar. She started in as a banker in mergers and acquisitions and she changed careers at age 30 to become a spiritual author. She wrote The Angel’s Metamorphosis, published in France in 2000 and an English-language version in 2010 by Quartet Books. She then published The Voice of the Angel in 2012, a collection of spiritual writings designed to guide the reader on a voyage to the soul.

As a spiritual teacher, Karen conducts various workshops and webinars on inner child healing, spiritual transformation, and soul empowerment. She launched the Goddess is Speaking app and oracle deck which include inspiration and wisdom during her writing and conversations with the Goddess. She also founded The Goddess Manifestation Circle, a community for spiritual healing and high vibrational living, where she hosts weekly spiritual channeling Q&As, monthly webinars, meditations, activations, and workshops to guide people in their spiritual journeys.

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