Hibo Wardere is a Somali-born campaigner against female genital mutilation, author, and public speaker. Hibo is a survivor of female genital mutilation. She was cut when she was only 6 years old, in Somalia. She was forced down on a bed, her legs held apart, she was made to undergo female genital cutting, a process so brutal that she nearly died.

Hibo’s mission in life is to help as many girls as possible not to undergo the same torture. She fights against cultural prejudices and ignorance in order to enlighten the communities that still practise this horrible butchery to their own daughters.

Hibo is calling all Imams to preach how horrific this practise is and she is calling for the Secretary of State for Education to make mandatory the teaching of this infamous practise in primary schools. Hibo founded ‘Educate, not mutilate’ a UK based non-profit group, working to end FGM through education. Hibo wrote ‘Cut: One Woman’s Fight Against FGM in Britain Today’ a very informative book on this medieval practice that’s being carried out in the 21stcentury, right on our doorstep. FGM in the UK has gone undocumented for too long and now that’s going to change. This book brings to life a clash of cultures at the heart of contemporary society and shows how female genital mutilation is a very British problem.

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