Shelley von Strunckel is the beloved star astrologer of the Evening Standard and a public speaker at family office conferences internationally. Her work with private clients crosses most sectors, from high-level executives to entrepreneurs, from finance to show business. Over the years, her astrological columns have been published worldwide, notably in the London Sunday Times, three Vogues, the Gulf News, South China Morning Post, and the Evening Standard.

In this episode, she chats with Paola about the influence of the stars on our daily lives and how it combines with our free will, and she analyses Prince William’s chart, our very own charming Aquarian Age Royalty. Historically, astrology has been employed by those in power as a tool for insights into trends. The study of the stars dates back tens of thousands of years and links nature’s cycles with the planets’ movements in the heavens. There is evidence of this in ancient history, in settings from the Egyptian pyramids to India and the ancient cultures in the Western Hemisphere. During that period, the focus was on one hand, about the cycles of nature, especially on crops. But, equally, the well-being of the monarch and living well and peacefully was of significant interest. Listen to this fascinating episode if you want to know more about Astrology, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE!