Sarah J. Caddick Ph.D., D.Sc. (hon) is a Neuroscientist, artist, philanthropic advisor, philanthropist and avid consumer of stories, with much experience in each and a desire to be defined by none! She is the Neuroscience Adviser to some of the most prominent philantrophists and their charitable organisations, the Gatsby Charitable Foundation, and she a former guest curator and presenter for TED and the Skoll World Forum with a particular passion for curating dynamic salons, workshops and panel style events that encourage diverse participants to explore the interface between different areas of science and its role in many areas of society. Dr. Caddick is Founder and CEO of Thalamic Ltd, a bespoke consultancy specialising in philanthropic advisory services, foundation and corporate grant strategy development, institutional review and strategy development for large scale projects, salon and workshop curation and convening.

She has volunteered her time with a number of organisations and currently serves on the boards of the Science Museum (London), the Science Gallery, Kings College and Autistica. She has advised both individual philanthropists and leading philanthropic organisations for more than two decades on strategic approaches to investing in research, corporate grant strategy, and the development of large scale projects. Her commitment to scientific advancement has led her to play a seminal role in the development of several academic centres and institutes across a broad range of scientific disciplines in both the US and UK.

Listen to her interview to find our more on neuroscience and why it matters, why it is fundamental to solve mental health issues that are mining our existence and much more. Hear her fascinating story and how she had the courage to change her life and pursue her passion. Sarah is a truly inspiring and brilliant scientist, don’t miss this episode and share it with your friends!

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